Marketing & Brand Strategy

Setting your marketing agenda and defining your objectives to achieve your revenue growth and profit margin targets.

You know that marketing can dramatically improve your bottom line, but do you have a marketing strategy in place that defines exactly why and what your marketing activity is trying to achieve?

For many small and medium size businesses, the answer is no.

The many factors that need to be considered often appear too daunting, too complicated and all together too time consuming, particularly for those without any marketing experience or expertise.

Why do you need a marketing strategy?

A marketing and brand strategy sets the agenda that forms the foundation to, and reason behind, all your marketing activity. It should be focused, structured and tailored specifically to your business.

It needs to realise your business objectives and determine your marketing objectives, whether they are to:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase market share
  • Generate new, qualified business leads
  • Increase levels of repeat business
  • Improve customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty
  • Maintain a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Streamline sales and marketing processes
  • All of the above!

What's involved?

To support the achievement of your revenue and business targets, your marketing strategy will:

  • Define your brand, what it stands for, its position in the market, the values and benefits your product and service portfolio encompasses
  • Research your market and explore any internal and external factors that influence your business growth plans
  • Analyse who your competitors are, what products and services they offer, how they position themselves and how you differ from them
  • Identify who your customers are, their needs and wants, their perception of you and segment them accordingly
  • Look at your pricing strategy and distribution channels
  • Audit your current sales and marketing activity, looking at what, when, how and why you are doing it
  • Set your marketing communication objectives and budget for the next 12 to 24 months

How can DMK Marketing help you?

I can provide you with expert insight, direction and support to devise a marketing strategy that is in line with your business strategy and goals.

To arrange your free, no obligation initial consultation or to simply talk through your business and marketing needs, contact me today.