Marketing Planning

Directing and prioritising the marketing agenda to deliver your strategy’s objectives, on time and within budget.

So you have a great strategy, but do you know how, when, to whom and by whom it's going to be implemented?

If the execution of your marketing strategy is not planned, focused and managed effectively, it could mean the difference between a great success and a disappointing failure.

Why do you need a marketing plan?

Managing and monitoring a focused, costed and integrated marketing plan helps to:

  • Prioritise your marketing activity based on your desired ROI and business strategy
  • Determine the most cost-effective way to tactically carry out your marketing strategy and meet your business objectives
  • Add clear direction and structure to a whole host of interdependent marketing tools
  • Avoid unnecessary and/or expensive pitfalls
  • Measure the success of your marketing initiatives

What's involved?

As part of the marketing planning process, your key messages and target audience will be identified and the most appropriate communication channels determined.

Your website, direct mail, email marketing, newsletters, advertising, events, customer support, social media, PR, sponsorship and partnership marketing will be appropriately considered and integrated into one overall marketing plan.

The quality of your customer data, the sales processes you have (or need to have) in place, and the metrics you’ll use to measure the effectiveness of each initiative will all be incorporated in the plan.

How can DMK Marketing help you?

Through effective marketing planning, I can help you maximise the contribution your marketing efforts make towards achieving your strategic goals.

To find out more and arrange your free, no obligation initial consultation, contact me today.