Website & Digital Marketing

Making sure your brand is visible online, connecting with the right people, for the right reasons, at the right cost.

Through your website and digital marketing activity, your customers and prospects will be able to find you, learn who you are, what you offer and how you can help them.

From other online sites, they will be influenced by what other people are saying about you, your products and services, form their own opinion of you and compare you to your competitors.

They will decide whether or not they can trust you and, ultimately, whether or not they will benefit from doing business with you.

What is so important about your online presence?

To achieve business success in today's world, it is vital that you have an effective online presence and digital strategy that:

  • Assists your marketing efforts in achieving new business and conversion targets
  • Encourages interaction and dialogue with your customers, adding value to their experience and relationship with you
  • Increases traffic to a visually appealing, easy to use website that contains interesting, relevant and up-to-date content
  • Analyses the traffic to and within your website and digital activities
  • Monitors and responds to what is being said about you online

Utilising even just some of the tools and techniques available to market your business online can make a significant difference to your return on investment and bottom line profits.

What's involved?

By determining what you want to achieve and implementing an appropriate plan of action, you can stay ahead of your competitors in the digital arena.

  • Revitalise your website design, navigation and content
  • Search engine optimise (SEO) your online initiatives
  • Create an email marketing programme
  • Set up a PPC (pay per click) or link building campaign
  • Start writing a blog, ebook or white paper
  • Produce videos, podcasts or webinars
  • Send an online survey to your customers
  • Establish a presence, get involved in conversations and nurture relationships on social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook

How can DMK Marketing help you?

Whether you have a specific project in mind or want to review all your online and digital marketing activity, I can provide practical advice, expertise and support on any or all of the above.

To find out how you can exploit the vast array of opportunities available to market your business online, contact me today.